A anti-inflammatory gut reset to identify your food sensitivities, break free from food rules, build a healthy lifestyle and nourish your body for life.

Have you been struggling with your health journey but don’t know where or how to make lasting change?

Do you know deep down that there is a better way to live?

A way that doesn’t include non-stop exhaustion, feeling uncomfortable in your own body, persistent bloating, mood fluctuations, and mental fog?

welcome, you’re in the right place!

    In this 8-week program, we address:

    • How to actually eat well for YOUR body: we figure out how your body works so you can eat smarter now.

    • The science behind simply feeling BETTER: less bloat, better sleep, stronger attention span, increased energy, better digestion, more patience, less mental fog.

    • Find balance within your diet without confusion: we create YOUR holistic diet plan. We find the foods that nourish AND excite, while confronting the foods that may be holding you back.

    • Ditch the diets and create life-long change: we drop the fad diets and endless restriction to focus on building healthy habits that align with YOUR lifestyle.

    Do you dream of feeling in control and confident when it comes to your health journey?

    The Start Fresh Reset gives you the tools necessary to make this dream a reality.

    Imagine after 8 short weeks if you felt:

    • Light
    • Energized
    • Healthy
    • Inspired
    • Mentally Clear & Focused
    • Emotionally Grounded
    • Zest for life
    • Awake & Alive
    • Supported 
    • Confident

    This is all accessible to you on the other side of the Start Fresh Reset journey.

    If any of these feelings resonate with you, this program will give you the knowledge, understanding, and tools you need to create lasting change in your health journey once and for all.


    “This has not only changed my life, it’s changed my way of life.”

    – B.

    An 8-week roadmap to ditch diets, build mindful wellness practices, and address your symptoms at the root so you can confidently take ownership of your body and feel like yourself again.

    What makes this the program for you?

    Not only will you learn what foods work best for your body, but how to cook with them so you can enjoy delicious food that nourishes your body from the inside out.

    START new habits, build FRESH perspective, and RESET the way you’ve viewed food
    to create the foundation for your healthy lifestyle.


    It’s time for a fresh start.


    “I found myself in an upward spiral as the weeks went by:

    better sleep, waking up easier, larger attention span, more patience, balanced energy. I just felt better.

    The reset really brought me into myself to take care of myself in so many different ways.  If good nutrition isn’t the highest form of self-care and self-love, then I don’t know what is.”

    – Stephanie

    “What Alanna has taught me about nutrition has changed my life.

    Her program taught me the foundation of good life-long eating habits and choices.

    Now I can sleep soundly most nights, I have a big increase in energy that lasts all day (no more 3pm crash!). I have energy to go to work, work out and still have energy to make a healthy dinner. And if I do have lower energy I know why.”

    – Michaela

    I enjoy learning this and want to learn more! I’ve developed so many good habits and now I know I’m doing right by my body-new habits to last a lifetime. 

    Learning through the Reset program has enabled me to go about my day without energy slumps, without afternoon lethargy, and not be hungry in-between meals. [I’ve] lost a few pounds, have more energy, new skills, knowledge I can always use.

    Alanna is readily available to answer any questions and will help you tweak your diet to fit your own individual needs. I couldn’t be happier to have worked with Alanna’s confidence, guidance, support, and grace.”

     – Margo

    The Start Fresh Reset guides you through a holistic program combining the science of nutrition with the freedom of mindful eating in a true celebration of food!


    Think of this like the Nutrition 101 you never got in school. Every diet has lists of ‘eat’ and ‘do not eat’ foods. Instead you’ll learn how your body works based on science and unbiased facts to dispel food myths and break free from food rules.
    We focus on deprogramming the “quick fix” mentality, and reprogramming sustainable habits to create a balanced lifestyle through our 3-step process:

    1.  Educate and inform:

    Why are you feeling the way you feel? If you are experiencing: sluggishness, mental clutter, continual gut issues, weight fluctuations, heightened anxiety or even bouts of insomnia, nutrition most likely plays a huge part in your struggle. We believe that understanding what is happening in our body and how food can be used either to fuel or to hinder our overall wellness is the first key part to creating sustainable change.

    2. Action and support:  

    Developing a plan that works for you and your life is a big part of our work. We want to set you up for success so instead of creating lofty goals that will feel impossible to achieve, we look at how we can make small, holistic changes to your overall wellness journey. Support is weaved into the culture of the program because we are tackling big changes. Support and accountability are available to help on the challenging days, guide on the confusing days, and cheer for you on the big win days.

    3.  Cooking and community: 

    We believe cooking is nutrition in action, so with that belief, what would this program be without making cooking fun. We want to remove the fear around cooking for ourselves since this is going to be one of the best tools for our health journey going forward. We incorporate cooking in community throughout the program so we can work your cooking muscles and build a habit over an extended period of time that will stay with you long past the program’s run time. 

    This is more than a detox or short lived program that focuses on restriction –

    this focuses on addressing issues at the root, building sustainable habits for lasting change
    and invites you to question what’s working for you and what’s not.

    Ready to make life-long change?

    Join the program now!



    8 Live, Weekly Workshops and Group Coaching with Q&A (90 minutes each).   You’ll be guided through the following lessons:

    1. Building Your Personal Nutrition Blueprint
    2. Growth Mindset and Mindful Eating
    3. Building Your Nutrient Dense Kitchen
    4. Inflammatory Foods and Standard Irritants
    5. Finding Blood Sugar Balance For Energy
    6. Stress Management: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally
    7. Boost Digestion and Love Your Gut
    8. Building Optimal Health, For Your Lifetime

    A 90-minute 1:1 Personal Nutrition Consultation with Alanna including:

    • In Depth Initial Consultation & Health History Interview
    • Nutritional Questionnaire & Symptom Assessment Analysis
    • Food and Lifestyle Journal Analysis
    • Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Plan
    • Personal Supplement Recommendations, as needed

    A Personalized Roadmap through the 30-day anti-inflammatory reset.


    Curated resource library with grocery lists, discounts on your favorite food products, an exclusive meditation, workout videos and more!


    An Exclusive 2-Week Seasonal Meal Plan & Recipe Book

    And That’s Not All!


    Private Group Chat Platform for community support & accountability.


    2 Bonus Cooking Classes to help you implement nutrition in the kitchen!


    Guest Speaker Training: Using the Enneagram to Manage Stress and Build Healthy Habits with Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Angela of Transformational Soul Work

    Plus A VIP Upgrade

    The VIP program provides immense value combining both of my signature offerings giving you the best of both worlds: the educational and supportive community within the group program, PLUS an extra 4 months of 1:1 support with me as we develop a highly personalized plan using lab testing to create an even more targeted protocol to help you get even better results.

    Still have questions and want to make sure the Reset is exactly the right fit for you?

    Fill out the application and we’ll schedule a call to determine if this program is aligned with your specific goals.


    “Before meeting with [Alanna], my health was something I was actively trying to improve. I had implemented an exercise routine, but the missing piece was nutrition. She expertly crafted a plan and suggested very minor tweaks to what I was already doing. We met a few times over a few months to assess my progress, make adjustments to our plan, and maximize her knowledge for helping me feel better. I have felt so much better ever since having worked with her. I highly recommend Alanna.”



    “Alanna’s knowledge, patience and easy to understand protocols all attributed to my overall success. Alanna is real, understands and appreciates life is nowhere linear and she supports one throughout this entire journey, listens to you, finds effective solutions and provides the encouragement one needs.

    Thank you cannot articulate how much appreciation I have for [Alanna], [her] guidance, patience, love and support.” 

    – Katie


    “I was worried I would not have time during the week to properly prepare my food and that I would try to take on too much with this change and fail. But the only things standing in my way was fear to try something new and different… What worked the best for me was that Alanna gave me just one or two changes to make in between each of our sessions. She implemented the changes at a pace I could handle and kept the lines of communication open if I needed any advice and help along the way.

    [Since working with Alanna] all these issues have greatly improved. I sleep soundly most nights. I have a big increase in energy that lasts all day (no more 3pm crash!). I have energy to go to work, work out and still have energy to make a healthy dinner. My concentration has also highly improved.”



    “I went 6 ½ hours between breakfast and lunch, without my energy crashing or hunger pains! And I’m down 5 lbs this week. Thanks Alanna!”


    A few of my core beliefs:

    • I believe that learning how your body works can provide a huge sense of freedom and relief for someone who’s been struggling with their health. 
    • I believe that what you choose to feed yourself can be the greatest form of self care, and privilege, that should be available to everyone. 
    • I believe food should be enjoyed. “Healthy” eating doesn’t mean bland, boring, or restrictive; It should be flavorful, abundant and work with your body so that it makes you feel good. Food can still be a way of connecting with your traditions and finding joy. Being mindful/conscious of how/why/what you eat can bring balance to how you choose to eat.
    • And I FULLY believe cooking is nutrition in action, and yet so many people feel intimidated by cooking. Being able to cook and nourish yourself is what puts all the pieces in action.


    Hey, I’m Alanna!

    Functional Nutritionist (BCHN, NC, RWP) & Enthusiast Of All Things Food

    For years, I lived with excruciating bloating, heartburn, anxiety, rashes, and other digestive issues that left me feeling disconnected from my body and my life. It wasn’t until I started looking at my plate and really listening to my body that I finally found answers and balance. My struggles and passions have brought me here to help you. 

    I see so many people who want to be healthier or lose weight and have tried every diet out there with no lasting results, feeling trapped in diet culture. 

    If you want to lose weight, but you’re also struggling with fatigue, anxiety and digestive issues, your symptoms are rooted in inflammation. 

    Learning what it means to use food as medicine with functional nutrition modalities, has helped myself and many clients’ identify and address the imbalances and struggles they’ve been experiencing for years. 

    I’m proud to say I’ve helped clients achieve amazing results (that last!) once they’ve been able to understand how their body works, build healthy habits and address the underlying inflammation that’s causing their symptoms. I know you may be stuck now, but I know you too can find healing.

    This is not a detox or cleanse, but a program to use as a tool to address underlying inflammation so that you can stop your symptoms and feel better in your body.

    Start sleeping through the night, gaining the energy they’ve been searching for, decrease brain fog, get regular digestion and clearer skin!

    If you’ve been struggling with any of these symptoms, or others, I can’t wait to share these lessons with you to finally feel your best!  Let’s get started!



    Still have questions and want to make sure the Reset is exactly the right fit for you?



    Fill out the application and we’ll schedule a call to determine if this program is aligned with your specific goals!

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