Want to eat for balanced hormones – but don’t know where to start?

The Whole Foods Energy Reset lets you take the guesswork out of what to eat & cook

Over 83 pages, 45 recipes, and 10 days of guidance crafted for the busy woman in mind.

Learn how to incorporate whole foods into your meals so that you get more energy and set a solid foundation for life-long healthy eating habits.  

Have you been experiencing any of these symptoms lately?

Is your body just not feeling like itself?

  • Hangry, irritable, shaky or lightheaded if you skip meals
  • Chronic headaches, brain fog or migraines
  • Anxiety or burnout
  • Afternoon crash or reliant on caffeine
  • Constant hunger or cravings
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

These are signs of imbalance.

A Mediterranean salmon meeze bowl with roasted red pepper sauce, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, herbs and cucumbers.


A Mediterranean salmon meeze bowl with roasted red pepper sauce, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, herbs and cucumbers.

Have you ever felt that your fatigue, irritability, hangry-ness, need for snacks and or sweet tooth are a personality traits? Well I’m here to tell you these are signs of blood sugar imbalance.

And those diets haven’t worked because a list of foods to avoid or extreme calorie deficit will not balance your hormones.

The KEY to balanced hormones is balanced blood sugar.

To balance your blood sugar you have to consider what you ARE eating more than what you aren’t eating. But that can be confusing or overwhelming to figure out on your own.

The Whole Food Energy Reset is a nutrition plan and guide for balancing blood sugar without confusion or restriction.

Once you know the simple structure of a blood sugar balancing plate you can take the guesswork out of what to eat, get more energy, ignite your metabolism and set a solid foundation for life-long healthy eating habits.

Blood sugar and metabolic dysregulation is an epidemic and increasingly more common.

Blood sugar imbalances are increasingly more common with more than 1 in 3 Americans living with pre-diabetes – the leading metabolic diagnosis – but 80% are unaware of it. 

The increase in metabolic related conditions like thyroid issues, PMS, PCOS, anxiety, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and so much more is directly related to the increase of processed convenience foods and excessive added sugars.

The good news is it’s possible to prevent and even reverse blood sugar dysregulation with your nutrition!

The Whole Food Energy Reset is the tool to show you how to start taking ownership of your health and simplify your nutrition, without restriction.


Meal Plans to guide you through the complete 10 day reset

Grocery Lists to easily shop for each meal plan

Daily Symptom Journal to build mindfulness and track real time changes

Your basic Blood Sugar and Hormone 101 education

A basic meal-planning template to build your own plan around your food preferences

45+ recipes for every meal, snacks and naturally sweet treats!

How to Prepare for a successful Energy Reset

Full explanation of the reset and how it’s working in your body, so you’re empowered to understand what your body needs

Understand food labels to detect added sugars

Strategies for how to eat out at restaurants


“I found myself in an upward spiral as the weeks went by: better sleep, waking up easier, larger attention span, more patience, balanced energy. I just felt better. 
The reset really brought me into myself to take care of myself in so many different ways.  If good nutrition isn’t the highest form of self-care and self-love, then I don’t know what is.”

I would recommend the Reset to a friend. It’s not just about your health today, but your health 10-20 years from now.
- Bob

THANK YOU! Understanding my body better in this way has made me feel more confident and comfortable in my skin.
- Nikita

“I really appreciate it and am feeling very motivated to start a more healthy lifestyle. I feel like I learned so much!  [This is] very helpful! Once again thank you so so so much. You’re the best!” 
- S.D.

I’m reading through it now and OH MY GOODNESS this is incredible!!! These recipes! All the info! I am mind blown!
- Kelsey

What Alanna has taught me about nutrition has changed my life. Her program taught me the foundation of good life-long eating habits and choices. Now I sleep soundly most nights. I have a big increase in energy that lasts all day (no more 3pm crash!). I have energy to go to work, work out and still have energy to make a healthy dinner. And if I do have energy I know why.” 
- Michaela

“It’s been about a week of eating differently, and I had a really bad [headache] this morning. But thanks to this human and her resources I was able to resolve it within the first two hours of waking up, no medication needed. As someone who’s struggled with hunger headaches their whole life – I can’t believe how quick this turnaround was today!
- Nikita

I was concerned about a new diet regime. I thought I would miss many of my “old” foods. Well, I quickly found out that that was not the case! I jumped in with both feet and felt better within days
- Margo

Put an end to chasing diets & take your first step to life-long healthy habits


This meal plan is thoughtfully built to help you boost your energy, balance your hormones, cut out the confusion, extra stress, and see how delicious and easy healthy eating can be!

Over the course of 83 pages, 45+ recipes, 2 meal plans and 10 days, the reset will show you how to incorporate whole foods into your meals so that you get more energy and set a solid foundation for life-long healthy eating habits.

Every recipe is created and approved by a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Functional Practitioner so you can feel confident in the nutrition pieces.

Grocery lists and done-for-you meal plans, you will save time in the kitchen and won’t get bored of the same meal over and over!

Two chicken fajita tacos loaded with toppings including radishes, green onions, cilantro, sour cream and salsa on a blue backdrop.

Recipes crafted for the busy woman in mind


Simple ingredients that get reused. No wasting ingredients that you’ll never use again.

Easy meals with variety that take 30 minutes or less!

Recipes and shopping lists provided are for 2 servings. If you’re cooking for 1, easily cut all the quantities in half. If you have a household of 4, just double it!

Use the recipes as part of the reset or on their own for a delicious meal.

Many components are freezer friendly or easily reused.

Fits with many food sensitivities: gluten, dairy and grain, soy, added sugars

Every dinner is repurposed into another meal 

For example, chorizo stuffed sweet potato repurposed into chorizo breakfast tacos, roasted red pepper walnut sauce used for dinner and used for an easy and nutritious rotisserie chicken salad. And turkey meatballs made in a mediterranean bowl and reused in a curry the next night.

Nutrient dense includes variety that’s beneficial for gut health and natural detox!

Stop wondering if food’s the hidden problem behind your chronic pain 

Shift away from addictive and difficult-to-digest food, and embrace vibrant whole foods. Learn how to crowd out unhealthy habits while boosting existing good habits. This reset will help you create the space for sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

2 dinner plates with chicken thighs, lemon slices, and roasted carrots, onions, olives and chickpeas next to a cast iron pan of the dinner.


The Whole Food Energy Reset can help support conditions like:


  • Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes
  • Frequent headaches or migraines
  • Obesity or weight loss resistance
  • IBS
  • Hypothyroid
  • High cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Anxiety or depression


“This is truly the first time I’ve ever really done anything for me that shows much I really care about my body.”

- Steph

“I went 6 ½ hours between breakfast and lunch, without my energy crashing or hunger pains! And I’m down 5 lbs this week. Thanks Alanna!” 


“This has not only changed my life, it’s changed my way of life.” 

- B.

“Holy smackaroonie – I can cook now! So good you’ll want to double to recipe. So freakin delicious!”

- JG

Alanna’s reset guide takes the stress out of weekly meal prep. Her organized guide makes it easy to shop for all the ingredients and know what I’m making each day. The recipes are delicious and leave you feeling satisfied and well fed.

- M.D.

Every meal impacts your energy so take the first bite now.

You deserve to take time to learn about your relationship with food, eating, and yourself.

You will have this information and these recipes forever, so you can do with it what you want. Use it like a recipe cookbook or follow it like a 10-day program when you want.

 This program guides you while also providing areas of self-education for you to design the program how you like, to fit your own lifestyle.


I know because it wasn’t until I started looking at my plate, really listening to my body and using functional nutrition tools that I finally found answers to my symptoms and balance in my eating habits.
My personal struggles with digestion, anxiety and skin issues, along with my passion for food has brought me here to help you! You can read more about my journey  here .

I know you may feel stuck now, but I know you too can find balance and energy around food. I am here to support you on that journey. 

I’ll show you how – 
See you inside!

A Mediterranean salmon meeze bowl with roasted red pepper sauce, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, herbs and cucumbers.

Stop ignoring your body’s needs.

You deserve to show your body you care for it.

Start the Whole Food Energy Reset for only $47!



Jump start your energy, reduce your sugar cravings, and ignite your metabolism.


  • Boost your energy and mental clarity

  • Break free from sugar addiction

  • Ignite your metabolism and lose weight

  • Balance mood or get a grip on your pms 

  • Enjoy delicious and healthy meals without the stress of meal planning 

  • Jumpstart your nutrition journey & get refocused on the basics 

  • Get inspired in the kitchen!

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