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march 3rd, 5:30pm pst

Identifying Inflammation:

What your constant fatigue, digestive issues and cravings are trying to tell you.

Address the 3 main sources of inflammation, understand how they show up in your body, and tackle the major mindset shift you need to banish them once and for all!

In This Workshop, We’ll Cover:


The Major Mindset Shift:

Identifying the vital shift necessary from being controlled by food to feeling IN control of food. Adopting the food is fuel mentality!


The Truth Behind What Your Body is Trying to Tell You:

Your body’s symptoms have underlying causes. Your constant fatigue, digestive issues and cravings are signs of inflammation and do NOT need to be your norm.


Pinpoint Your Specific Inflammation:

Every body is different. We’ll uncover the specific inflammation that’s affecting you most and will lead to the greatest change.


Actionable Tips to Take Now:

Next steps that can help provide relief from your top triggers. 

Food Is Medicine

Whether you have been stuck in the same pattern for years, or are looking for new ways to support your health, food can be your most powerful tool.

Say it with me, FOOD IS FUEL!

I believe that learning how your body works can provide a huge sense of freedom and relief for someone who’s been struggling with their health. 

Food is meant to be enjoyed. “Healthy” eating doesn’t mean bland, boring, or restrictive! It can be flavorful, nutrient dense, and work WITH your body leaving you feeling good inside and out.  

If you’ve been promising yourself to take your nutrition off the back burner and prioritize your health, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Join me in my upcoming workshop and learn the steps to take back control of your nutrition journey!

“This has not only changed my life, it’s changed my way of life.”

–  B.

This Is The Place For You…


To ditch diet culture, and replace it with a deep embodiment of my favorite mantra: Food is Fuel


To better understand what your key symptoms are and what they mean


To gain clarity through self-identifying the root cause of your symptoms in real time


To demystify the myths around calorie counting 


To address what’s holding you back from your nutrition goals

Overall, this is the place for you to truly see the body as a system. It is a system that works together cohesively and food is it’s fuel. Understanding what areas may be currently lacking appropriate fuel and nutrition, is the first step to gaining control of your health journey.

What People Are Saying

I enjoy learning this and want to learn more! I’ve developed so many good habits and now I know I’m doing right by my body-new habits to last a lifetime. 



“What Alanna has taught me about nutrition has changed my life.

Her program taught me the foundation of good life-long eating habits and choices.

I have energy to go to work, work out and still have energy to make a healthy dinner. And if I do have lower energy I know why.”



Thank you for shifting my relationship towards food and MYSELF! 

Alanna is the best investment I could’ve [made] for the longevity of my mental, emotional and physical health.”



Hey There!

I’m Alanna, a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Restorative Wellness Practitioner and adventurer of all things culinary.

In this new masterclass, I am going to address the 3 most common underlying factors of inflammation and show you why and how they are causing the symptoms that are leaving you feeling out of balance.

I see these symptoms with EVERY one of my clients and by addressing them head on, they’ve seen amazing results. Picture sleeping through the night, less bloat, restored energy, increased mental clarity, normalized digestion and clearer skin!

If you’ve been struggling with any of these symptoms, or others, I can’t wait to share these lessons that will get you feeling your best!

Reserve your spot for this free workshop now!

See you there!

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