In this Workshop, you’ll learn:


–  The Major Mindset Shift  –
you need to learn to stop being controlled by food rules and find balance to feel like yourself again.


–  What Is Causing All Your Symptoms  –

and how to finally put a stop to bloat, fatigue and cravings.


–  The One Thing That’s Holding You Back  –

making you bloated and tired, even if you’re doing everything else “right.”


–  Why Calories Don’t Really Matter  –

and what matters way more.


–  The Key For Better Balance That You’re Neglecting  –

 but need to fully acknowledge for your health and wellness.


Food Is Medicine

Whether you have been stuck in the same pattern for years, or you are looking for new ways to support your health, food can be your most powerful tool.

Now is the time to give yourself the respect you deserve and dive into why you’re feeling unlike yourself. This can be the turning point you’ve been hoping for.

Join me to understand the reasons behind your fatigue, digestive issues, and cravings so that you can learn how to find balance and feel like your best again!

This Workshop is a Must Attend if…


You want to find a healthy balance in your diet so that you don’t have to feel like you’ve overindulged or feel deprived.


You’ve been searching for the right diet, but haven’t gotten the results you’ve been hoping for


You’re confused about all the nutrition information out there and want to know how your body works so you can feel confident making the best decisions for your health.


You’ve had a more stressful year (hey 2020), experiencing more anxiety and need to give your body the space for self care.


You have some symptom(s) that have been plaguing you for years and you want to know how you can get relief. Whether you’re exhausted, your digestion is off, or you have some explained symptoms you want answers to.


Hey There!

I’m Alanna, a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Restorative Wellness Practitioner and adventurer of all things culinary.

In this new masterclass I’m going to uncover the 3 most common underlying factors of inflammation and show you why and how they are causing your symptoms and making you feel out of balance.

I see these with every one of my clients and by addressing them head on, they’ve seen amazing results like sleeping through the night, gaining the energy they’ve been searching for, less brain fog, regular digestion and clearer skin!

If you’ve been struggling with any of these symptoms, or others, I can’t wait to share these lessons with you to finally feel your best!


Reserve your spot for this free workshop now!


See you there!


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